Diablo Immortal content update: How to fish in Sanctuary

Brianna Reeves
diablo immortal fish

Players will be able to fish in Diablo Immortal thanks to a forthcoming content update; here’s what to expect from the brand-new activity.

Blizzard Entertainment shared patch notes for the next Diablo Immortal update today, February 20, though the content itself has yet to arrive.

Server maintenance begins in Asian and European territories on February 21 at 4:00 PM PST. Maintenance in the Americas starts on February 22 at 12:00 AM PST. Downtimes for both efforts should last only two hours, according to a Blizzard News post.

The new update will go live once all maintenance concludes, meaning Diablo Immortal players will be able to get their hands on 36 new Legendary items, bug fixes, and more. Most notably, the upcoming patch is set to introduce a fishing activity. Here’s what users can expect from the relaxing pastime.

How to fish in Diablo Immortal’s next update

To participate in Immortal’s fishing activity, players must reach Level 43 and then travel to Bilefen for The Greatest Pastime quest. Notably, this introductory mission is how users unlock a fishing rod.

From there, the real angling can begin across three different regions of Sanctuary – Ashwold Cemetary, Bilefen, and the Frozen Tundra.

These three areas in Diablo Immortal constitute the only ones that allow for fishing. And, fortunately, Blizzard’s also made sure each locale remains a safe zone free of any potential threats.

Prospective anglers in Diablo Immortal will first want to visit a Fisher to purchase bait, 99 pieces of which can be stored in the inventory.

Players need not worry too much since Fishers sell unlimited bait, a good tool given that every fishing attempt depletes one piece of bait.

Upon making it to a fishing spot, clicking the fishing rod icon next to the skill buttons will let users choose where to cast their line. A timer boasting blue, white, and gold-colored fish icons should appear on-screen after the button’s released.

It’s a game of patience from this point onward. Fish will periodically nibble at the bobber, all while the timer slowly fills up and passes across each of the above-mentioned fish icons.

Akin to real life, anglers can reel in their line whenever they see fit. However, the longer the bobber sits in the water, the greater chance a player has of catching a rare species. But if the time fills up due to too much time passing, “the fish will grow restless and disappear.”

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