Diablo 4 beta players furious over error codes and long queues

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Though some have been able to enjoy Diablo 4’s early access beta, many users are encountering error codes and lengthy queue times.

Blizzard Entertainment launched the early access beta for Diablo 4 today, March 17, with plans to run it through March 19. The role-playing title’s open beta remains on course for the weekend of March 24-26.

Hardly anyone expects beta sessions and launch days to run flawlessly, based on the precedent set by pretty much every other online-centric game in recent memory. And, of course, Diablo itself has a poor track record in this regard with the disastrous rollout of Diablo 3.

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Still, players looking forward to exploring Diablo 4’s early access beta are less than pleased with the current state of things.

Diablo 4 beta plagued by error codes and long queues

Error Code 316719 counts as but one of the many errors preventing Diablo players from enjoying the early access beta. This particular error can boot players from the game, forcing them to log back in for another chance at playing.

From there, a new problem arises – long queues. Some users who’ve yet to receive an error code have faced lengthy wait times, as well.

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Thus far, it seems queues can last anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Players aren’t shy about sharing their frustrations, either.

One Twitter user said this is par for the course with Blizzard-developed releases. Others claimed to have waited for an hour, only to fail at log-in time, then get tossed into another long queue.

Popular streamer Asmongold even encountered an issue wherein his character seemed to disappear after a random network disconnection.

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Fortunately, the development studio is aware of the ongoing problems; in a Twitter post, Blizzard told players, “the team is managing the rate of players entering the game until we have a full fix for the connection issues.”

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