Diablo 4 devs don’t plan on changing divisive Druid class

diablo 4 druidBlizzard Entertainment

Despite player backlash about the Druid design, Diablo 4 developers do not intend on changing the character model.

One discussion that spawned from the Diablo beta centered on the character design of the Druid class. While the other classes feature heroes with slim or muscular builds, the Druid bears more of a burly, heavily built look.

There were those who didn’t care either way, focusing only on what the character provided – or didn’t provide – in terms of combat abilities. Others on Reddit and in Blizzard forums claimed they’d avoid the class without the option to choose a different body type.

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It seems, then, that the ball is in Blizzard’s court. And the company has already decided what it’s going to do about the divisive Druid design.

Blizzard will not change the Druid character model in Diablo 4

Speaking to PCGamesN during a recent roundtable interview, Lead Class Designer Adam Jackson and Lead Game Producer Melissa Corning addressed the Druid backlash.

Corning said the team anticipated a wide array of opinions to form about each class design, “but the goal is for every single class to feel unique – not just through their skills and animations but definitely through diverse visual appearances as well.”

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Jackson added that players must be able to differentiate themselves from other characters, which the varied silhouettes help guarantee.

To that end, Corning confirmed that “there’s no plan currently [to overhaul the Druid design]. We made this decision from the beginning because our goal was to visually distinguish [each character]…”

diablo 4 druidBlizzard Entertainment

It’s clear Blizzard doesn’t plan on budging, which will undoubtedly bother some players while others will see such news as a triumph.

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After all, naysayers weren’t the only ones commenting on the Druid’s build during the beta period. There were also fans who felt represented. Many likely hold out hope that developers will balance the Druid’s gameplay since players and content creators agreed the class needed more work in that regard.

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