Blizzard confirms fix for Diablo 4 beta’s queue time and disconnect issues is in the works

Philip Trahan
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Blizzard has acknowledged the Diablo 4 beta’s long queue times and disconnect issues and confirmed the team is working to fix them.

Diablo 4’s beta period is here and players with access have begun exploring the game’s world and dungeons.

Unfortunately, the beta period has not gone smoothly for all players, as many fans have reportedly experienced frequent errors and long queue times that have disrupted the beta altogether.

Now, Blizzard has confirmed that the team behind Diablo 4 are aware of these problems and are working to resolve them soon.

Blizzard working to resolve Diablo 4 beta’s issues

Confirmation came by way of Diablo’s Communtiy Manager Adam Fletcher, who made a post on Blizzard’s forums addressed to the playerbase.

Fletcher said, “The team is working through some issues behind the scenes that have been affecting players and causing them to be disconnected from the servers.” For now, it seems the team is managing the rate at which players join while working on a full fix.

Fletcher also asked fans waiting in queues to be patient and not leave the queue as to not reset their timer, and promised more accurate queue times in the future.

The community manager followed up with another update several hours later, thanking players for the “overwhelming response” to the beta period.

Diablo 4 official artwork
Diablo 4’s Early Access weekend allows players to progress until level 25 and see nearly all of the first act.

Fletcher went on to list the current problems the team is looking to address. These involved players being unable to joined parties, receiving errors saying their party does not exist, rubber-banding while transitioning through zones, as well as High RAM and GPU usage on certain PCs.

He added that Blizzard will continue to roll out server improvements to boost stability and expected “players to see continued improvements to queue times,” as of March 18, 2023.

Fletcher concluded by saying the Diablo 4 team will continue to work on fixing these problems over the course of the beta period and provide additional updates on Blizzard’s official forums.

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