Destiny 2 resurrected after being hit offline for 20 hours amid onslaught of critical bugs

destiny 2 lightfall environmentBungie

Destiny 2 is back online once again after an onslaught of critical bugs with player progression forced the live-service FPS MMO to go dark for almost a full day.

Bungie has not been on the breaks for Destiny 2 of late, speeding full steam ahead by making big changes before the major Lightfall expansion drops on February 28th. These changes were absolutely fantastic for the game’s quality of life, and players have rejoiced with removing blue engrams across the board.

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However, with all these changes Bungie has been implementing into the game, it was only a matter of time before the breaks eventually snapped. Several bugs were found involving the player’s titles, seals, and catalyst progression, all incredibly important features that can take several days of gameplay to complete.

As a result, Bungie took the game offline on January 24 and performed a rollback to the game’s servers, which meant several hours of downtime in order to protect all player progression.

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Fortunately, after 20 hours of downtime, Bungie found Destiny 2’s ghost and was able to revive the game allowing Destiny 2 players to get right back on the grind.

Bungie explained in their Twitter post just how the events transpired, with their reasoning as to why it occurred and why they made their decision to take the game offline and perform a rollback.

Ultimately, it boiled down to “game stability” as their “top priority.” In light of the issues, devs decided it best to take the game down to “protect player’s progress” while they worked on a fix.

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Bungie’s diligence and transparency whilst handling the situation led to praise from all sorts of community members and streamers alike.

We’ve yet to see the Destiny 2 servers go down again as of the current moment, but let’s hope Bungie won’t need to revive the game again anytime soon before Lightfall arrives.

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