Destiny 2 makes massive quality-of-life update ahead of Lightfall with engram shakeup

destiny 2 lightfall screenshotBungie

Bungie is looking to make huge changes to blue engrams that are sure to keep players happy before Lightfall arrives.

Bungie has made rather large strides before the release of Lightfall in Destiny 2 on February 28, 2023. With big changes to build crafting being introduced in the form of mod energy removal, as well as giving mods to all players, Bungie is looking to address some common issues before we head to Neomuna.

However, quite easily the best change that Bungie has made is to blue engrams. Blue engrams are the bane of every Destiny 2 player’s existence. They contain rare pieces of equipment which can offer minor benefits to a player. However, blue/rare equipment generally has weak stats or fewer perks than their legendary counterparts and are therefore not worth running most of the time.

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The only thing blue engrams do once you’ve reached the endgame is cram your limited inventory space with useless junk you’ll never use. And that’s why Destiny 2 players have grown to hate them so much.

Fortunately, Bungie is looking to free up some inventory space by removing the ability for blues to drop for players that hit the soft power cap for the season.

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destiny 2 seraph dungeon gearBungie
Legendary gear is often just flat-out better than rare gear.

That means once a player hits the soft power cap in Lightfall, blue engrams will stop spawning for them, and instead, they’ll receive a whole bunch of glimmer. Whilst glimmer isn’t exactly the rarest of currency, it’s always nice to replenish the reserves after upgrading and therefore a welcome addition to the game.

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Bungie has stated that almost all blue engrams should behave in this way, but if players find any sources of blue engrams whilst above soft power, they should report it to the Bungie help forums ASAP.

These changes come with a slew of other quality-of-life updates released with this week’s TWAB.

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