Destiny 2 players think vehicles should have weaknesses like actual enemies

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Destiny 2 players think vehicles like the Thresher should have “fleshed out” weaknesses similar to actual enemy forces.

The Cabal gunships known as Threshers have tormented players throughout Destiny 2’s history. However, the Lightfall expansion turned the enemy gunships into even more of a threat.

Players found the vehicles were somehow able to output more damage if a player ran the sequel at a higher frame rate. For many Guardians, then, this meant the Thresher class of vehicle could kill them after only one hit.

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Bungie later issued a fix to nerf the gunship’s damage output but some users still think the likes of Threshers remain overpowered.

Destiny 2 fans want vehicles to have weak spots like other enemies

In a post on the Destiny subreddit, a user named PudimDasAguas shared a vehicle-related suggestion that’s generated quite a bit of buzz in the community.

The Redditor thinks if the threat of gunships is going to remain high, Bungie should consider adding calculated weak points “to destroy vehicles faster or to disable them.”

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For example, turret-type enemies like Shriekers are incredibly powerful, yet their attacks can be countered with blinding grenades.

The player continued: “Considering their lethality, Threshers should have some weak point in their sides to take them down or simply have some way to break their turrets.”

Many Destiny 2 players think this suggestion is spot on, based on comments in the Reddit thread. One person wrote, “100%, sure [there are] ways to kill them, but having them fleshed out like an actual enemy would be good.”

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This same user offered some suggestions of their own, saying introducing a “destroyable & crit’able turret” to Threshers would make precision-oriented weapons more viable.

In addition, some users think the ability to hijack Destiny 2’s enemy vehicles à la Halo would also do the trick. Evidently, Destiny fans agree that certain weapons have become entirely too overpowered.

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