Destiny 2 players want The Final Shape expansion delayed to fix server issues

Destiny 2 Titan guardian aiming with legendary auto rifle during lightfall expansion trailer.Bungie

The Destiny 2 community has called for Bungie to delay The Final Shape to solidify and improve the base game following a series of server issues since Lightfall’s launch.

Lightfall is Destiny 2’s newest expansion, released on February 28 at the start of Season 21. Although the content itself has been largely well received by the community the server issues that arrived with it have not.

Throughout Season 20 multiple patches have required several hours of extended maintenance. During these periods players are unable to access Destiny 2’s servers and play the game.

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Now the community asked Bungie to consider delaying Destiny 2’s next expansion to work on improving the ongoing server problems.

Destiny 2 players call for next expansion to be delayed

A Destiny 2 fan took to Reddit asking Bungie to consider delaying The FInal Shape to spend more time on solidifying the base game. More specifically, the post focuses on the server issues that have been prevalent in Destiny 2 since the arrival of Lightfall.

The Reddit post reads: “Since Lightfall, it’s seemed like every patch has launched with downtime that usually lasts multiple hours. As a developer, I hate fighting fires and it makes me less effective on other things.”

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Continuing on the post says: “Given the lack of stability, as a player, I would be happy to wait a month or two if we could get back to the stability that we had pretty solidly the last two years.”

Several responses agreed with one user replying: “I agree completely, polish the game a bit further so it’s in a better place. All these emergency downtime fixes, patches, hotfixes to something that’s broken or gets broken by an update – it’s becoming quite old.”

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Some other users weren’t convinced Bungie has much of a motive to delay anything: “Considering how financially successful Lightfall was, there’s no chance. There’s no incentive.”

A few players didn’t like the idea at all: “I’m gonna have to disagree. The team working on new content and expansions are most definitely not the same team responsible for the server issues and game engine problems.”

The Final Shape is set to be Destiny 2’s final expansion. Expected to release in early 2024, little is known about the finale other than that it will conclude the ongoing Light and Darkness saga.

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