Destiny 2 devs remove Surges from raids and dungeons amidst balance concerns

Liam Ho
Destiny 2 The Final Shape strike

Destiny 2 developers have announced they’ll be removing Surges from raids and dungeons and adjusting tuning so that players will always have them.

Destiny 2 developers at Bungie have revealed in a TWID that they’ll be removing Surges from raids and dungeons in an imminent update. They’ll instead be adjusting the tuning and balancing of these encounters so that players always have the power that comes from Surges — making it a net buff across the board.

This news comes in response to player concerns after the power changes made to dungeons and raids in The Final Shape. Surges were originally introduced to incentivize players to buildcraft week to week, adding further variety to the endgame activities.

However, this change proved to be more of a restriction than a challenge to many Guardians, with players feeling that they were actually limited in their options due to Surges specializing in one subtype. This has resulted in the developers quickly opting to remove them as a whole.

Destiny 2 The Witness
The Final Shape’s raid should be a little smoother once these balance changes roll out.

“We have decided to remove surges from raids and dungeons, as well as to adjust tuning so that you’ll perform as if you had them across the board,” the June 20th TWID confirmed.

This means that regardless of what subtype your weapon is, it’ll deal damage as if it were being affected by a Surge, meaning you’ll have higher damage across the board. In theory, this should mean you’ll struggle less with the more difficult mechanics present in raids like Salvation’s Edge.

“This change will make outgoing damage in dungeons higher and reduce the difference in raids compared to before The Final Shape. It does so while removing barriers to buildcrafting.”

The devs have stated that this is very much a work in progress and will continue monitoring the feedback players have and making adjustments as they see fit.