Destiny 2 community divided over Titan changes coming in Season of the Deep

Rishov Mukherjee
Destiny 2 Striker Titan ability screen with HUD disabled

Destiny 2‘s next season is on the horizon, and as noted in a recent post from Bungie, it’s going to introduce fine-tuning for all the Light subclasses. However, it’s left fans concerned that Titans are getting hit the hardest.

Bungie released a blog post yesterday about upcoming changes to each class, revealing their balancing plans for Season of the Deep. The team is looking to either buff or nerf certain Light subclasses depending on how powerful they’ve been since Lightfall‘s launch.

Amongst all the changes, Titans appear to have been hit hardest. Abilities like Seismic Strike and Shield Bash will now be dependent on melee energy meaning players will be unable to use them as consistently.

While some are happy that Titans will be less powerful in PvP, others are concerned that these changes restrict the power fantasy of the class.

Destiny 2 fans argue over PvP influencing PvE nerfs

The Titan changes that are getting introduced in Season of the Deep are proving to be controversial across the community. Making something like Seismic Strike dependent on melee energy affects the players in a multitude of ways – not just in PvP, but in PvE.

Once the changes are live, Seismic Strike, Hammer Strike, and Shield Bash will cost 15% melee energy on activation. This means you won’t be able to spam these abilities anymore.

In PvP, the mix of damage and mobility that Shield Bash grants is lethal, so the nerf is understandable. However, in PvE, it can be a core part of a Titan’s survivability and power. This has left some frustrated that changes for the sake of PvP are affecting their ways of playing in PvE.

This change has sparked a Reddit thread with 3.1k upvotes at the time of writing. One player commented, “once again PvP nerfs something perfectly fine in PvE“.

Another remarked, “another thing to throw on the Bungie needs to be able to separate cooldowns between PvE and PvP evidence pile“, showcasing their frustration over the upcoming nerfs.

This brings other frustrating considerations for Titan players too. Most Guardians focus on Resilience and Recovery stats for their armor. Now, Titans who have never kept high Strength armor are out of luck if they want these abilities available as much as possible.

The full extent of the after-effects is hard to predict right now, but it will definitely leave a lot of Titan players unsatisfied as Season of the Deep rolls around on May 23, 2023.

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