ZywOo explains why he “doesn’t care” about s1mple comparisons

Kamil Malinowski
DreamHack / Starladder

CSGO superstar Mathieu ‘ZywOo’ Herbaut explained why he isn’t interested in the comparisons between him and fellow best player in the world contender Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev. 

Like any competitive game, Counter-Strike has its superstars – those players who can seemingly make miracles happen and are far and beyond the rest in terms of skill.

S1mple was perhaps considered the only player of that caliber throughout recent years, however, in 2019 ZywOo showed that he too was above the rest. Fans and players alike have been comparing the two and trying to figure out who is the best, but somewhat surprisingly, the Frenchman doesn’t care.

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ESLZywOo is considered to be one of the best CSGO players in the world.

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ZywOo was interviewed by 1ceN1ce during Epicenter 2019, where, among other things, he spoke about fans comparing him with s1mple. “I don’t really like to compare myself with s1mple. I am just playing with my team and my friends” said Mathieu.

When he was pressed about who he thinks is better he chose to give a rather respectful answer, citing that: “If we could compare I would say we are on the same level, but it depends on form. Sometimes we play well, sometimes poorly. We will have to see how my career goes.”

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The Frenchman was then asked if he likes being compared to the Ukrainian and quickly shut it down. “I don’t really care…. I don’t really care because he’s s1mple and I’m me, I do play with my team and that’s it.”

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His statement may come as a surprise for many fans who are invested in the two players fight for the top spot. However, the attitude seems to be working for Vitality’s star as many argue him to be better than s1mple.

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In fact, the two were frontrunners in the best CSGO player of 2019 category in the Dexerto awards, with ZywOo taking home the prize with just 3% more votes. Although, with such a tight result, some fans may not be convinced, and will undoubtedly keep comparing the two for years to come.

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