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Valve Admit VAC BANNED CSGO Pro Didn’t Cheat | First To 16

Published: 9/Dec/2020 12:09 Updated: 11/Dec/2020 12:32

by Ava Thompson-Powell


Richard Lewis and Spunj sit down to talk about a variety of incredibly hot topics in the CS:GO community of late.
One of the most controversial pieces of news to come out of CS:GO is that of the banning of international esports player, Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen. The young Finnish esports contender has entered into a court case with developer Valve, in which it’s been admitted that they know he didn’t cheat.
It’s been revealed that Jamppi sold the account to another player — who did end up cheating — ultimately leading to the unfortunate ban. Out of this, though, Valve will not be restoring his account permissions.
This means he will not be playing at the majors, even though an acknowledgment of not cheating was made. Spunj goes on to criticize this development, stating that Jamppi obviously loves the game and truly wants to compete as a professional.
Jere “sergej” Salo has also stepped into the spotlight of late, following the news of him being benched within ENCE. Detailing that he’s looking to join the Finnish military, he is looking to go forward and partake in his national service.
We also go in and discuss whether MIBR is revitalizing the Brazillian Counter-Strike scene, alongside rumors of Furia’s HEN1 being cut from their roster, with North’s MSL and aizy possibly on their way out, too.