New Counter-Stike 2 knives leaked that aren’t in CSGO: Kukri and Twinblade

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Following the release of the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test, data miners have uncovered two new knives in the game files, potentially set for release in the CS:GO sequel.

Knives in CS:GO are among the most coveted items, as they replace the default knives, and you see them very often in-game. Unlike weapons, they also can’t be dropped and picked up by other players, so they are always unique to you.

But, they’re also very rare, only available in cases with odds of around 387 to 1 to unbox one. That means if you want to own one, you’ll have to get lucky, or fork out some serious cash on the Steam marketplace.

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Valve has added different knives over the years, but not since 2019 have any new blades been released. With the release of Counter-Strike 2 in the summer, it looks like two new knives are also on the way.

New leaked knives in Counter-Strike 2

Found by Twitter user pDylan002 and confirmed by reliable data miner Gabe Follower, Valve has models for two new knives.

Kukri knife in Counter-Strike 2

First is the Kukri. A Kukri is a large curved blade, originating in real life from Nepal and popular in South Asia.

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They are large knives, similar to the bowie knife already in Counter-Strike, or a machete.

Twinblade knife in Counter-Strike 2

The second knife discovered in the game files for CS2 is the ‘Twinblade’. As the name implies, this knife does indeed have two distinct blades, connected at the hilt.

This gives it a two-pronged tip, which looks like it could do some serious damage.

This knife doesn’t have an obvious real knife counterpart, but stopped CS:GO knives from the past have typically always had an inspiration from a real knife somewhere.

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It’s unknown when these new knives will release. There hasn’t been a new operation in CS:GO since 2021 though, and there is some hope that a new operation will release alongside CS2’s full release in Summer 2023.

Obviously, a new operation would be the perfect time to add new knives to the game, as was the case with the Shattered Web operation in 2019.

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