Someone got Counter-Strike to work on Nintendo DS and it looks crazy


One clever Counter-Strike fan built a fully-playable version of the classic shooter for the Nintendo DS – and yes, you can aim and shoot with the stylus.

Counter-Strike, the game that would go on to spawn a multi-million dollar esports landscape, first came out more than 20 years ago in 1999, and the effect its had on gamers and developers is easy to see. Seriously, open any game that allows you to create your own maps, and there’s a good chance you’ll find some tribute to Dust 2 in there somewhere.

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Continuing on this trend to make Counter-Strike playable on every piece of technology known to mankind, French YouTuber Fewnity has shown off their new build of CS 1.6 on the Nintendo DS, complete with a feature letting you use the stylus to aim and fire.

Sure enough, we can see the familiar backdrop of Dust 2 and a first-person view holding a firearm. Showing off levels of technological achievement that would have made people lose their minds in 2004, when the DS came out, Fewnity demonstrates how to aim and fire all with the stylus.

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We would have absolutely loved to walk around with the ability to play CS in our pocket back in the day, and what’s even more impressive is that Fewnity put together this Counter-Strike DS port all on their own.

It definitely looks like a game from 2004, and the characters look more like Roblox people than terrorists or counter-terrorists, but for an FPS on a handheld system over a decade and a half old, it doesn’t look too shabby at all.

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According to the YouTuber this DS port of 1.6 is still a work in progress, but we can’t wait to see the final product once it does come out. The combo of the handheld system and one of the original versions of Counter-Strike brings back some serious nostalgia.

For more updates on this project, and possibly the chance to play it when it’s finished if you still have your DS lying around, be sure to follow Fewnity on YouTube as they upload more videos of their progress.

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