Ninjas in Pyjamas CSGO players reportedly receive death threats following Anonymo rematch - Dexerto

Ninjas in Pyjamas CSGO players reportedly receive death threats following Anonymo rematch

Published: 18/May/2021 23:28

by Bill Cooney


Ninjas in Pyjamas staff have reported the org’s players have received death threats following their controversial Flashpoint CSGO rematch against Anonymo.

Ninjas in Pyjamas beat Anonymo 2-1 after a best-of-one rematch between the teams’ first round Flashpoint match after NiP successfully lobbied FACEIT organizers for a replay of Mirage, the final map of that first series.

Even though it was just one single map, it’s become the most controversial professional CSGO match of 2021 so far. Afterwards, some fans apparently took things a bit too far, sending death threats toward NiP’s players, according to Chief Operating Officer Jonas Gundersen.


“An emotional and controversial time, that we are trying to be as respectful about as possible,” Gundersen wrote after NiP’s 16-14 win ove Anonymo. “However, death threats and toxicity towards players who are just here to play and compete in the game that they, is something none of us should tolerate. Please have respect for that.”

A tweet by Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz following the Anonymo rematch racked up almost 3,000 replies in less than an hour before it was deleted.

“Probably the worst I’ve felt throughout a game. I’m proud of my new team but this is the first time I’ve been sad after a big win,” Reedtz said in the now-deleted tweet. “Ggwp Anonymo Esports, you didn’t deserve this and you are a great team. hope to play you many more times in the future.”


Fans going to the extreme might also benefit by keeping the fact that Anonymo is still very much in the tournament in mind. Yes, they’ve now technically been knocked down to the Lower Bracket, but it’s not like they’re completely done with Flashpoint Season 3 yet either.

Now that the rematch and the drama surrounding it is finally out of the way, we can actually look forward to the tournament going ahead as scheduled. Anonymo, like we said, will now face off against HYENAS on May 19, while NiP will play FPX in the Upper Bracket on May 20.

Be sure to check out Dexerto’s official Flashpoint Season 3 hub for the fully updated schedule, scores, and more going forward.