S1mple explains why jasonR should reconsider his career options

Ross Deason

Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev is widely regarded as the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player on earth; if he compliments you on your gameplay, it’s a pretty big deal.

Well, Jason ‘jasonR’ Ruchelski received the ultimate compliment during one of his recent Twitch streams. The former professional is best known for his time with Splyce and OpTic Gaming, but he chose to walk away from his playing career and concentrate on streaming halfway though 2017.

Since then, he has grown a loyal fanbase that watches him play everything from CS:GO to Fortnite Battle Royale and he currently boasts over 500,000 followers on Twitch.

But Natus Vincere’s 20-year-old star, s1mple, is of the opinion that the Canadian streamer walked away from his time as a player far too early, and he made sure to tell him that during a recent game.

“If you become a professional player, you’ll be good,” the Ukrainian stated after joining jasonR’s TeamSpeak channel. “Why are you not playing professional? That’s the question.”

Clearly flattered, jasonR estated “I don’t know man, I enjoy just streaming and making content, you know?”

But s1mple continued to explain why he should consider making a return to competitive play, saying “I mean, I always watch your stream and I see a replay of you doing some crazy wallbangs, all of this stuff, and I never see any people do this.”

Solid praise indeed from the world’s number one player! S1mple is currently currently competing at ESL One New York 2018 with his Na’Vi teammates.

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