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Popular CS:GO team sold in compliance with Valve rules

Published: 16/Nov/2018 20:17 Updated: 16/Nov/2018 20:40

by Mitch Reames


RFRSH Entertainment has sold CS:GO team Heroic to comply with Valve and the World Esports Association’s (WESA) rules on multiple team ownership.

RFRSH Entertainment – who already own Astralis – sold Heroic to Seranades Global Inc, a new company without much information available.

Seranades Global will take over all aspects of the team including the entire roster and all associated trademarks.

The Heroic team features players like Andres ‘MODDII’ Fridh and Adam Friberg. They are one of the top Danish teams but were dwarfed by Astralis under the RFRSH Entertainment umbrella.

RFRSH was running out of time to make a sale, as the WESA enacted a policy in March of 2017 saying that “no team is permitted to be completely or partially owned or controlled by a person or entity that owns or controls another esports team or organization participating at WESA sanctioned events.”

That announcement came with an 18-month grace period for organizations to get into compliance which ended in September of 2018.

The grace period may have been extended for RFRSH Entertainment as they owned four teams at the time the policy was enacted and also had to sell off GODSENT and Norse to be in compliance. 

Currently, the ESL Pro League is the only league using WESA rules but FACEIT has a similar policy in place.


Neymar goes viral with funniest CSGO clutch ever on Twitch

Published: 27/Oct/2020 12:04

by Connor Bennett


Footballing superstar Neymar pulled off a hilarious, and sneaky, clutch during one of his CS:GO games, with the resulting Twitch clip racking up thousands of views afterwards. 

Over the years, Paris Sant-Germain and Brazil forward Neymar has made no secret about his love of Counter-Strike. From his ‘flashbang dance’ celebration in the World Cup, to playing alongside pros like Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo, and streaming to thousands of fans on Twitch, Neymar has done a lot with his passion for CS:GO. 

It also helps that he’s actually pretty good at the game too, pulling off impressive aces and clutches too – be it playing alongside friends or jumping into a game by himself.

However, his most recent clutch wasn’t exactly a demonstration of his ability to hit crisp headshots, but rather how he can outplay enemies and force them into making some hilarious mistakes. 

Twitter: FallenCS

During his October 26 stream, the 28-year-old was locked in a tense game on Train, as his team were trailing 14-10. 

With his team in desperate need of a round win, the PSG star was left alone in a one-on-one to prevent the Counter-Terrorist side getting to 15 rounds. Though, instead of trying to outgun his opponent in the clutch, he sat at the top of the ladder that overlooks the B site. 

As he did so, the one remaining CT player came rushing out of upper and onto catwalk, and jumped towards the bomb. However, the jump was a complete fail and they fell to their death – giving Neymar’s side the round win.

Upon realizing what had happened, Neymar couldn’t help but jump up and start laughing hysterically as his teammates and viewers also joined in with the hilarity. 

As funny as the fail was, the last laugh went to Neymar’s opponent, as they were able to shake off the now-viral mistake and clutch up for a 16-12 victory.