Over-powered CS:GO glitch lets people hover in mid-air for easy kills

Alan Bernal

[jwplayer bdD5xRNZ]

There’s a new trick in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that’s letting players hover in mid-air without the need for a third-party cheat or anything else that would be picked up by VAC.

YouTuber ‘Sparkles’ was made aware of the bug that he likened to an old bind exploit that had a similar effect, only this time players just need to have CSGO running in Windowed mode to make use of the glitch.

Sparkles has a long track record of exposing these kinds of exploits for Valve to shut them down, and a fix for this problem might be one that gets fast-tracked within the studio.

The thing about this ‘Magic carpet’ glitch, as the YouTuber puts it, is that it can be easily done and undone throughout a single match to avoid suspicion.

“I had to try and test this for myself to see if it really was this simple to just recreate,” Sparkles said. “And after failing a few times, and realizing I wasn’t holding Space long enough, I managed to replicate it pretty much every single time.”

He showed a clip of the trick being used on B-site Dust II. While crouched in B-site under the Window, Sparkles had a huge angle on the Tunnel entrance but the glitch made the server read it as him being ducked out of view.

To pull it off: “When in windowed mode, you can press tab and right click to free your mouse, hold jump and once you get mid-air, hold the top of the window refocus the CSGO window and it will cause you to be hovering.”

After successfully pulling off the glitch, your screen should start to stutter. But the visual effect doesn’t have an effect on aim, as Sparkles shows someone getting consecutive AWP kills while mid-air.

While Sparkles is convinced that this wouldn’t go punished by Steam’s VAC system, abusing it will surely get your VOD into the Overwatch, where someone will most likely flag your gameplay.

This trick could land people in hot water with Valve, as the developers could work to create a solution before it affects more CSGO games.