NAVI remove Boombl4 from active CSGO roster

Lawrence Scotti

Natus Vincere announced that its CS:GO captain Kirill ‘Boombl4’ Mikhailov has been removed from the team’s active roster.

2021 Major winners, NAVI, revealed Boombl4 would be immediately removed from the team for reasons outside of the game.

The news came on May 28, a week after the PGL Major Antwerp where NAVI lost to FaZe in the grand finals in a 2-0 sweep.

In the announcement, NAVI said of removing Boombl4: “The decision is related to high reputational risks for the club, and it is not the result of his game.”

Natus Vincere teammates Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev confirmed the news and shared a farewell to his now former teammate.

This is how this world works. I want to thank you Boombl4 for everything you have done, without you, not a single player on our team has achieved all the achievements that we experienced together in joy and sorrow. Good luck and maybe one day we will play together again.”

NAVI also said that the club would reveal its roster for the BLAST Premiere Spring Finals at a later date.

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