Latest CSGO Deagle buffs has players questioning its insane accuracy

. 2 years ago

The latest set of buffs to CS:GO’s Desert Eagle has left players questioning why it was even shipped, after the pistol now has incredible accuracy while jumping.

The Deagle is a hard gun to master in Counter-Strike. Its unforgiving aim-punch and the long cooldown for accuracy resets makes it one of the hardest guns to handle.

If you manage to master it, though, the hand cannon becomes incredibly strong, especially given it comes in at $700. So, when buffs to the Deagle were shipped in CS:GO’s April 10 update, players were stumped as to why the gun was given pin-point accuracy while jumping.

Buffs to the Desert Eagle in recent CS:GO patches has left the community questioning why it was even changed.

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The game’s April 10 patch notes stated the Deagle was buffed by “improving accuracy while jumping, lowering the time to recover accuracy after the player lands.”

While it doesn’t sound massive, the buffs have proven to be a bit too much for most players. The Deagle is now pin-point accurate while in mid-air, making it a totally viable strategy to jump around the map with one in your hand to dink your enemies.

The gun’s major drawbacks still apply while your two feet are firmly on the ground. In mid-air though? Anything flies.

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It has led to some pretty insane clips. Since nerfs to the Scout reduced its jumping accuracy a while ago, people have whipped out the Deagle instead to make some trickshots.

Jumping from balconies and boxes and landing a sick kill has never been easier.

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On top of that, during a time where the R8 Revolver was starting to gain some popularity again, the Deagle may have just re-cemented itself as the hand cannon of choice in CS:GO.

It was already pretty strong, but now some have labelled it flat-out overpowered.

“I’m surprised at [the Deagle] getting a buff considering how strong it already was,” said Don Haci on Twitter. “The only punishment it had was becoming very inaccurate for 1.6 seconds after jumping, which is now gone, and you’re accurate while jumping now.”

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The Deagle was just one of six guns changed during CS:GO’s April 10 patch. The Krieg was finally nerfed after months at the top of the tier list, while the underutilized AUG and M4A1-S for CTs got much needed buffs.

The Tec-9 and PP Bizon also received a leg-up.

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