James Bardloph, ddk, and Pala Face Off in the Ultimate Geography Test at the ECS Season 5 Finals

Ross Deason

Daniel ‘ddk’ Kapadia, James Bardolph, and Pala Gilroy Sen competed for the coveted title of the best “geography-er” from the ECS Season 5 broadcast team.

They are some of the best in the business when it comes to commentating and presenting high level CS:GO action, but just how good is the geographical knowledge of ddk, James Bardolph, and Pala?

You would think that people that spend the majority of their lives travelling around the world for various Counter-Strike events would have a solid grasp on the subject, but our questions weren’t exactly friendly.

The rules were simple: each contestant received the same list of five questions and the person that answered the most correctly would win…. Well, nothing really.

However, we believe that knowing that you are, undeniably, the smartest CS:GO broadcaster on Earth is a big enough prize in itself, and the results of this test were rather definitive.

First up to face the challenge was ddk and, although we hate to say it, things didn’t go brilliantly. The Brit scored just two out of five (even with a bit of outside assistance).

Next up was Pala and, despite not feeling particularly confident, the popular YouTuber surprised himself and posted a respectable score of three.

With everything still to play for, ddk’s partner in crime, James Bardolph, was the final man to face the gauntlet.

The tallest man in Counter-Strike put maximum effort into the challenge but could only manage a score of two and a half. He still beat ddk, though, so he wasn’t too worried.

Our own Chris Marsh even invented the word “geography-er”, which we think sounds much better than “geographer”.

With that said, Pala takes the victory and is officially the world’s best CS:GO broadcaster geography-er in attendance at the ECS Season 5 Finals.

The final standings are as follows:

1st – Pala Gilroy Sen

2nd – Daniel ‘ddk’ Kapadia

3rd – James Bardolph