CSGO’s dark horses: Spirit deserve more respect | Richard Lewis reacts at IEM Katowice

Ava Thompson-Powell
CSGO IEM Katowice Team Spirit

IEM Katowice is well underway, and there’s plenty to unpack. Richard Lewis sits down to discuss the action so far, and why Team Spirit is one that’s worth watching out for.

Lewis explains why the elusive Team Spirit are the dark horses to keep an eye on, and why he believes that they’re ultimately one of the most improved teams in Counter-Strike. This has been proven with them already beating Cloud9 and BIG to reach the groups, where they’ll face an even bigger test.

Looking at the event as a whole, though, so far it’s been slightly lacking in standout moments.

Breaking down why Best of Ones aren’t good for IEM Katowice’s structure, Richard Lewis argues it’s possible for teams to play two Best of Threes in a day. While not an optimal LAN environment, perhaps many of those top-tier teams that have seen losses could have had an extra shot at reclaiming their victory.

For Spirit, though, Lewis was sure that they were going to dominate against Cloud9, saying that “results are results”. Whether it’s a play-style that’s hard to pin down, raw talent, or both, the roster is undoubtedly full of superstar players. Ultimately, though, they’re ones to watch throughout the tournament – and perhaps even beyond.

To keep up to date with all the action at IEM Katowice, stay tuned over at our dedicated event hub.

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