CSGO pro criticized over homophobic in-game knife name

Jacob Hale
CSGO homophobic knife name

[jwplayer fPrzsHYu]Professional Counter-Strike player Destroyer faced criticism after displaying what appeared to be a homophobic phrase on a borrowed skin during a tournament.

During the Perfect World Asia League Summer 2020, Chinese team Invictus Gaming were taking on the Mongolians on D13 when, after a great round from Invictus Gaming, Invictus’ ‘Destroyer’ displayed his knife with a homophobic phrase emblazoned across it: “LGBT Slayer.”

This quickly came to the attention of commentator Jason Kaplan, who was casting the event, and tweeted a screenshot of the knife, saying that you have to be a “f**ked up” person to name your knife as such.

Many who saw the tweet quickly condemned it, naturally saying that there is no place for things such as this, even saying that it should come down to Valve to punish and penalize players that display such content.

On the other hand, however, many also added that as he’s Chinese, it’s entirely possible that Destroyer purchased the knife and it was already named as such, and he might not have any inclination over what the knife name actually means or represents.

Kaplan later followed up with another tweet, saying that he had been informed that it was a borrowed skin and will no longer be used. He added, though, that “being a professional player, you are held to a higher standard and shouldn’t allow something like this to happen.”

Though it’s not yet clear whether Destroyer knew what the knife was named or not, it seems to have been brought to the attention of himself and his team, and he won’t be using it going forward.

Neither Destroyer nor Invictus Gaming have commented on the matter, though based on Kaplan’s update, it appears the issue shouldn’t be one any longer.