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CS:GO hacker showcases cheating device after being banned during official match

Published: 28/Nov/2018 13:08 Updated: 28/Nov/2018 13:58

by Connor Bennett


After being kicked from an official game for cheating, Latvian CS:GO player ra1f took to Twitter to show off a photo of his PC with a device that presumably made it all possible.

The photo in the tweet appears to show a PCI Express Lane screamer that would allow a cheater using two computers to bypass anti-cheat clients and gain information of the enemy team’s positions in-game.

Ra1f, was kicked out of a live ESEA Advanced match – a league two levels below the ESL Pro League where top CS:GO teams play – between his team, Scotchtape, and Nemiga on November 27.


His teammates, Amadeuz and 1Tap, were also kicked. All three of the ESEA accounts linked to the kicked players now have a notice that reads: “This user is currently banned until 11/26/2020 at 8:12pm for Cheating (1st).”

ESEA breaks down how the cheating method would have operated on their rules website. They state that some hackers believe it is ‘undetectable’ but confirm that they have been working towards cracking down on the exploit.

The process is described as such: a cheater would have two PCs – one running the game and another running their attack. The PC being used to play would have a DMA (Direct Memory Access) device plugged into it. The DMA Device, PC used to play and attack PC would be connected by a USB cable.


ESEA lays out the process of the exploit on their website.

The attack PC would then gather data and memory from the PC used to play and be able to send that information via a Raspberry Pi device which would in-turn send the in-game player locations of the enemy team to an attackers mobile.

The Latvian confirmed in a later post that the image was showing a webpage radar that shows the information of all players in the game.

He also added that the exploit cost him around €400 and, while he doesn’t feel guilty about cheating, he knows plenty of other players who are using the exact same cheat but aren’t banned by ESEA.