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CSGO player goes viral after getting the luckiest kill of all time

Published: 23/Aug/2020 13:57 Updated: 25/Aug/2020 18:36

by Daniel Cleary


One Counter-Strike player has gone viral after sharing a clip online of  “the luckiest” CS:GO kill of all time, on Vertigo.

CS:GO has some of the most intricate movement-firing mechanics of any game, which makes it pretty much impossible to keep your weapon accurate when moving.

However, one player seemingly defied all laws of physics in-game, after pulling off a ridiculous kill to clutch a 1v1 during their match.

aerial view of the csgo map Vertigo
A CS:GO player has gone viral for an incredibly lucky play on the Vertigo map.

Reddit user u/JaX148 uploaded a brief clip from a competitive match on CS:GO’s skyscraper map, Vertigo, as they were hunting for the final opponent in the B site.


After realizing that bomb was being guarded by the last enemy standing, JaX148 decided to peek a sneaky angle near the edge of the map to catch them off guard.

Unfortunately, despite the clever tactic, the player stepped a little too far off the building’s edge and began falling down towards their death.

However, inexplicably, they managed to catch a glimpse of where their opponent was before falling and fired his M4 directly up while plummeting, somehow killing them through the railings on the side of the skyscraper.

The kill was mind-blowingly lucky, considering that when players are falling or jumping in the air, their weapon becomes totally inaccurate, as can be seen by the bullet spray in the clip.


Throughout that wild spray, the player miraculously landed a wall bang headshot, which caused the final blow and secured the round for their team, just seconds before reaching the death barrier.

The once-in-a-lifetime clip was shared to Counter-Strike Reddit, which resulted in the player going viral for his last-ditch efforts.