CSGO devs break silence & tease fans amid Source 2 leaks

A promo image of Counter Strike Global OffensiveValve

CSGO devs have broken their silence in their own cheeky way amidst the sea of Source 2 leaks and rumors, teasing fans with a possible release. 

CSGO 2 has been hyped to infinity, to the point of meme-ing. But despite the jokes, there is a lot of evidence to back it up. From leaks in new NVIDIA drivers, reports from Richard Lewis, and even evidence showing files for Source 2 has been uploaded to the game’s pre-release branch, we’ve seen plenty that indicates a release is imminent.

Of course, CSGO 2 is a misnomer, as it is just a port of CSGO into the Source 2 engine, and not a full sequel.

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But despite the immense hype, the devs have been silent on the rumors and speculations. That is, until now, however, as they have finally broken their radio silence on the rumors and leaks. 

During the currently ongoing ESL Pro League Season 17, the casters and commentators have made many content segments joking about the rabid hunt for CSGO 2. With even players like Karrigan playing along with the joke. 

And when ESL tweeted out one of their segments poking fun at the hype-train, the CSGO Twitter account replied to the tweet. 

They replied with a simple reaction gif of Micahel Scott from The Office. Naturally, just this was alone to enough to go viral and send fans into overdrive. By all accounts, this is Valve’s first and so far only official response to the existence of CSGO’s port. 

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They received replies from the teams such as Heroic, BIG, and NIP demanding they release it now. And various other personalities in the CSGO scene such as Karrigan, Launders and ohnePixel piled onto the mountain of memes. 

In fact, this one comment has gotten more likes, retweets, and comments than ESL’s original tweet, showing just how hyped CSGO fans are for the port. 

As of writing this, there has been no official updates revealing the CSGO’s port into Source 2. And the only Valve title to receive the treatment was Dota 2 in 2015.