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CSGO Dreams & Nightmares Skins revealed: AK, USP, more

Published: 22/Nov/2021 19:39

by Bill Cooney


CSGO has officially revealed the full list of skins coming to Dreams & Nightmares cases as part of the new collection.

There are 17 new skins coming to CSGO as part of the Dreams & Nightmares collection instead of the originally planned 10. This means, what started out as a $1,000,000 contest ended up paying out $1,700,000 to artists.

On November 22, 2021 the CSGO team revealed every new skin that would be getting added in the coming weeks. Whether you plan on picking up a Dreams & Nightmares case or not, there are definitely some great-looking new weapon finishes.

Here are all the winners of CSGO’s Dreams & Nightmares contest.


Dreams & Nightmares CSGO skin contest winners

Nightwish AK-47

Starlight MP9

Fear MP7

Beware of Sleeping Dual Berettas

Rapid Eyes FAMAS

Zombie Offensive XM-1014

Space Cat PP-Bizon

Dream Glade G3SG1

Insomnia M4A1-S

Ticket to Hell USP-S

Alpha and Omega Five-SeveN

Chickenfight SCAR-20

Predictor MAG-7

Flying in a Dream P-2000

Ouija Sawed-Off

Pixies MAC-10

Kid’s Necronomicon MP5-SD

There you have it, all 17 of the new skins coming to CSGO in Dreams & Nightmares Cases. You can check out each one in more detail on the official contest page here.

We don’t know exactly when this new collection will be made available, but it should be sometime before the end of 2021.