Anonymo CEO accepts Flashpoint’s NiP rematch decision: “We will play”


Anonymo CEO and the org have accepted Flashpoint’s decision to replay the third map of Mirage against NiP, and has asked for calm in the CSGO community in light of the TO’s decision.

Update May 18

Anonymo Esports CEO Mateusz ‘Sowek’ Kowalczyk accepted Flashpoint’s decision to replay the third map of Mirage against NiP.

“We will play,” he said. “There is always the possibility of Valve interfering, but if they won’t – We will play the match, FIGHT and deliver the show that this storyline needs.”

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NiP and Flashpoint have been at the center of criticism and hate in response to the ruling. Sowek is asking for calm in CSGO community.

“I would also like to ask you to stop the hate,” Sowek said. “Literally. Stop hating each other. Life is as it is, and it’s often not what we wish for.”

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The big Counter Strike news of the weekend wasn’t the Saturday or Sunday matches of Flashpoint, but rather the tournament’s choice to apparently go back on an earlier decision and grant NiP a rematch against the Polish team.

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Anonymo were the first party to make a statement, accusing NiP of “pressuring” Flashpoint and FACEIT organizers to get them to agree to a rematch.

Despite follow-up statements by Flashpoint and NiP confirming the rematch and laying out the timeline of events (from one side of the story, at least), multiple pros and personalities took the side of the underdogs Anonymo.

Heroic star Casper ‘cadiaN’ Møller criticized the lack of communication from Flashpoint, apparently in disbelief at how something like this could happen in modern CSGO.

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“Flashpoint made this decission yesterday, but still didn’t publicly communicate it until 30 mins before the game,” cadiaN said. “How can s*** like this happen in 2021? Did they know they were wrong, or why did they not announce it prior? They have also denied any contact with CSPPA [Counter-Strike Professional Players Association].”

ENCE’s Marco ‘Snappi’ Pfeiffer also blamed organizers, adding what happened to NiP was “unfortunate,” but that shouldn’t justify basically calling for a redo.

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“This game should not be replayed,” Snappi stated. “Not today, not next week. It sucks nip was treated unfair, but you can’t make one right by more wrong.”

Indeed the fact Flashpoint just seems to be going back and taking away a win that was already in the books for Anonymo seems to be what’s rubbing most people, including Team Liquid’s Jonathan ‘EliGE’ Jablonowski who called NiP “sore losers” for lobbying for the rematch.

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“Actual craziness. Can’t believe they are trying to get match replayed LMFAO. If NiP had a problem at the time then DONT PLAY or find a solution,” EliGE wrote. “You can’t take away someone’s win days later. F*** off with sore loser s***.”

Astralis captain Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander simply referred to Flashpoint as “Trashpoint,” not leaving much room for interpretation. Even former CSGO pros now plying their trade in Valorant took the chance to take some jabs,

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This included Nicholas ‘nitr0’ Cannella who’s now playing for 100 Thieves Valorant side. After they failed to qualify for the shooter’s first Major in Iceland, nitr0 asking “is it too late to get a rematch for my chance at Iceland I was lag.”

Currently Anonymo doesn’t seem to be on board with Flashpoint’s descision, and while the rematch was set for May 16, no official date or time for when the match will actually happen have been revealed.

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Even when that happens, and the match is over and done with, this controversy will probably still stick around in the minds of many CSGO and esports fans.

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