Valve finally cracking down on one of CSGO’s “most common” cheats


Valve appeared to have finally taken action on one of the most common CSGO hacks in recent years by VAC banning players who have taken advantage of it before, but some of the players have denied it’s happened.

CSGO hacks are incredibly widespread, but Valve finally seems to be taking some more action, based on recent reactions from users of one of the most popular cheats for the game.

Dexerto won’t include the name of the affected hack here, but screenshots from the Discord server and the cheaters’ forums were posted by u/AlphaSlashDash on the GlobalOffensive subreddit.

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In the most recent patch notes of the cheat (yes, even cheats have patch notes now) the developers of the hack seemed to inform users that Valve had recently updated their anti-cheat system without any announcement, and that it was now capable of detecting and VAC banning those who had used it before.

“Unfortunatley, due to these events our cheat [REDACTED] has been detected,” the hack’s patch notes read. “The majority of persons that have used the cheat in the last 2-3 months will most likely be banned soon.”

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Indeed, plenty of users on both the Discord and the cheat’s sub were posting their own accounts of apparently being VAC banned. Not just on the cheating accounts either, they’re losing all of their skins, stickers, and everything else associated with any account they’ve ever used.

“Woke up to all of my accounts being VAC banned,” one user claimed. “I even lost my main that I never cheated on. I’m speechless, so much money locked forever.”

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After this supposed action by Valve was reported, sources told Dexerto that no mass VAC ban had taken place and the report was one big joke by the hack’s users.

Valve didn’t make many details of this latest anti-cheat update public either, which could also be evidence that it was indeed all one big troll.

Still, anti-cheat is a constant battle, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the users — VAC banned or not — manage to find a way to keep on not playing with the same rules as everyone else.

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