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CS:GO ‘Championship belt’ is held by a very surprising team

Published: 9/Jun/2019 12:21 Updated: 9/Jun/2019 13:15

by Daniel Cleary


If CS:GO was to have champions in similar style to Boxing and MMA, one of the most unlikely teams competing at professional level would still be in possession of the ‘lineal championship belt.’

The current CS:GO team rankings are comprised of all tournament results across a variety of international competitions, which only recently saw Team Liquid move into first place, partly due to Astralis’ lack of events attended.

Although if the CS:GO community was to hold a lineal championship, where only one on one matches were counted for the belt to be transferred over rather than tournament wins, many fans would be surprised to find out that the current world champions would be Ghost Gaming.

DreamhackGhost Gaming are currently ranked 20th in the CS:GO world team rankings.

In a Reddit post by “develo”, a particular set of guidelines were followed to determine who the current lineal champions would be, such as if a team disbands or does not attend a LAN within 6 months the lineal championship belt would be transferred back to the previous owner.

The list of lineal champions saw the ‘belt’ change hands 175 times since it’s start with NiP’s legendary 87-0 run, with the most recent transfer which saw current lineal champions, Ghost Gaming defeating ENCE 16-14 in a close match at CS_summit 4.

The Ghost Gaming line-up consists of some North American stars such as steel and freakazoid and fans of the organization took advantage of the opportunity to claim this as period as the “Ghost Era,” meanwhile other CS:GO fans viewed the lineal championship in a more realistic manner, calling it “ridiculous and meaningless.”


Ghost Gaming is currently ranked at around the #20 spot in the current world rankings, which is why this result may come as a shock to many CS:GO fans, who would expect one of the top teams such as Team Liquid or Astralis to be holding the crown.

The result was primarily due to the unusual “Round Robin” format for CS:GO, which was in place during the CS summit, as with most cases the team who wins the tournament are usually the ones the claim the “lineal championship.”

Ghost Gaming have no LAN’s scheduled in the near future, which means they might hold onto this title for quite a while.


How arT’s aggression is leading FURIA’s CSGO charge to site

Published: 27/Oct/2020 18:01

by Marco Rizzo


Andrei ‘arT’ Piovezan has led FURIA to the top of NA Counter-Strike thanks not only to his calling but also his ultra-aggressive playstyle. 

Dexerto explores the Brazilian’s signature aggression and how it has defined him as the most offensive player in CSGO history. 

His playstyle slowly leaked into his strategies, making FURIA one of the most aggressive teams in the world: allowing them to become the most successful T-side team over the last few months. 

This was clear during ESL Pro League 11 NA, where arT’s aggressive pushes and misdirection on Inferno led the team to a dominant win against the best NA had to offer. All this while delivering some of the most entertaining CS ever. 

The importance of his dual-role as a IGL and Entry-Fragger is not lost, allowing him to quickly adapt his calling after going first into bombsites. 

ArT has led FURIA to become true contenders on the world stage but now the difficult part begins: keeping ahead of the curve and keep the elements of surprise on his side.