Cryptic CSGO dev tweets fuel rumors of operation coming soon

Andrew Amos
Mirage connector side by side with AWP in CSGO

[jwplayer R0xi5fTN]The CS:GO Twitter account went rogue today ⁠— and no, it wasn’t because of the bitcoin hacks. Instead, there were three very purposeful messages put out across July 15, leaving players hyped for a potential operation coming soon.

Could a new CS:GO operation be coming soon? Well, Valve certainly is leading players on. The developers of the two-decade-old FPS franchise made some cryptic tweets on July 15 that have sent the community into overdrive.

While the messages were relatively innocuous, CS:GO players have been through this rodeo before. Valve tweets some funny message from the game account, and then all of a sudden a new massive update drops.

Last time, it was Operation Shattered Web, which was presented to players after Valve proposed a poll between a new operation or Krieg nerfs. Players ended up getting both.

Now, it could potentially be many things, with players trying to decipher the messages. The three tweets were as follows:

On top of sending the three tweets, the CSGO account briefly changed its profile picture and header to images of Mirage. This has only added fuel to the fire, as people expect Mirage to be the next map dragged from the Active Duty Pool for a rework.

Breaking each of these down, there are a few possibilities. Some are expecting for the Cobblestone rework to be revealed. After all, the Cobblestone logo in-game is purple, and Valve took it off the Active Duty Pool some time ago for its rework.

It could come on to replace Mirage in the Active Duty Pool, however, most expect Cache will receive that accolade. After having its rework revealed at IEM New York last year, players have been waiting for it to be re-added to the competitive map rotation.

The last tweet about the AWP has players the most confused though. Could the AWP be receiving major changes? What about the Scout? CS:GO’s two bolt-action snipers could look very different in the coming weeks.

Valve ‘apologized’ for the rogue tweets. “Seems like someone else may have been tweeting from our account,” they said. However, if this is anything to go by, CS:GO players should have their eyes peeled for big news in the coming days, because something is definitely brewing.

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