Cloud9 drops CSGO roster | Richard Lewis Reacts at ESL Pro League

. 1 year ago
Cloud9 Richard Lewis ESL Pro League

Recorded before Cloud9 parted ways with their CSGO roster, Richard Lewis​ reacted to the team’s poor Group C showing at ESL Pro League 13. 

After finishing 5th following wins against oNe & FURIA, Richard explained why C9 was on the precipice of being dropped, right before C9 made the decision to cut ties.

For Richard, at any point, building a team is “difficult at the best of times” because you’re throwing together parts in the hopes that they’ll work well together.

Back in 2020, though, Aleksandar ‘kassad’ Trifunović left Cloud9 as head coach, adding another spanner into the works, with star AWPer Özgür ‘woxic’ Eker also being removed due to ping problems. Those reshuffles and recasting players in the roster were also going on while the team was being slammed with people “vitriolically attacking them” to a point that Lewis himself had never seen.

With a whole lot of pressure applied to the team from outside sources such as social media, Lewis stated that it created “a self-fulfilling prophecy” as they needed to be relaxed and free from distraction to really shine.

Predicting what inevitably ended up happening within the scene for the team, he added “maybe, moving forward, there isn’t a Cloud9 CS roster anymore” due to how “catastrophic” it was that the team didn’t make it through.

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