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B Site announce MonteCristo as Flashpoint Commissioner & VP of Brand

Published: 17/Jun/2020 17:01 Updated: 17/Jun/2020 19:14

by Andy Williams


B Site have appointed former Overwatch League talent and esport veteran, Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles, as Commissioner of Flashpoint and Vice President of Brand following the organizer’s first CS:GO season.

MonteCristo is a giant in the realm of esports. Having served in multiple esports (in various capacities), he has accrued over 15 years of experience.

Now Mykles is opening a new chapter in his storied career, as he enters the B Site fold as VP of Brand while also taking on the role of Commissioner at Flashpoint, where he will oversee official announcements alongside Creative Director, Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields. We spoke with MonteCristo following the news.

MonteCristo on Flashpoint Season 1

Flashpoint stage during broadcast.
Flashpoint entered the scene with eight partner teams during their first season.

Coming off the back of working on Flashpoint’s inaugural season as a Talent Advisor, the 33-year-old revealed that he’s keen on bolstering the rosters and talent within the league as the team look ahead to their second outing.

“Obviously, one of the things that we’re focused on right now is making sure that we have better teams and better players within the league,” Cristo revealed.

As the newly appointed Commissioner, he delved into how Flashpoint and their partner teams might go about achieving their goal. “I think the main thing is just spending a lot of money. That’s personally what I hope our team owners do… We believe that this is the only way to make the scene sustainable.”

MonteCristo on taking Flashpoint to new heights

MonteCristo on the analyst desk during Overwatch League.
Blizzard Entertainment
Mykles will provide more creative input into Flashpoint’s content moving forward.

Speaking exclusively to Dexerto, Mykles unveiled that Flashpoint 2 would be coming at some point during the Fall of 2020. As part of building on Flashpoint’s successful first season, MonteCristo delved into what he and his team will be hoping to achieve.

“What we want to do is customize our content to really resonate with whatever audience we’re working with. And with Counter-Strike, the tone that I think we’ve hit with Flashpoint is unique.

“We’re also not interested in emulating any kind of traditional sports; we’re going to be doing more kinds of skits and fun content with the casters — like what we were able to do with Anders and his kind of nature documentary.”

Given that Flashpoint is generally more tailored to a more mature audience, Mykles explained how he will be using their content as a driving force in their broadcast moving forward.

“We have a bar built into our set that we do our post show in. No one else is doing that. We want to be there for fans who are 25-plus — we believe that this is a very important demographic in esports.”

MonteCristo on returning to the mic

MonteCristo casting during Overwatch League.
Blizzard Entertainment
MonteCristo left the Overwatch League after three years of casting.

“There are some really excellent casters in CS:GO – people that I’ve been friends with and admired for years – and frankly, I don’t really see myself as particularly necessary in terms of entering the casting fold,” MonteCristo clarified.

“In a game with such excellent commentators already. I’d be trying to play catch up with people with 10 years of Counter-Strike experience… I think it’s better that I help enable these people who are already excellent at their jobs to make excellent content.”

While the legendary caster hasn’t completely ruled out a return to his craft, his new role will see him acting in the best interests of Flashpoint as a product, which as Commissioner, will be acting as the primary link between Flashpoint and the fans.


Report: Valve cancel upcoming 2021 CSGO Major

Published: 5/Dec/2020 11:20

by Calum Patterson


CS:GO publishers Valve have scrapped plans for the game’s next Major tournament, which was set for May 2021, according to an email sent out to organizers.

According to a report from HLTV, the Major that was due to take place May 10-23 will no longer go ahead, presumably due to the global health crisis and travel restrictions, with Valve expecting impacts to still be felt in six months.

This was also why the previous Major, ESL One Rio 2020, which was meant to have taken place in September, was canceled. In the announcement from ESL, they stated “While Valve is currently not able to say when and how Majors will return, as soon as they do we’ll work to bring the Major to Rio.”

In the email to organizers, Valve explained their plans in more detail, including confirming a Major to be held in Europe later in 2021 has been agreed with a partner and venue.

Rio Major logo
The ESL One Rio major was canceled in 2020.

CSGO Major in 2021

“We are still disentangling our prior commitments,” Valve said, “and currently have both a partner and an EU venue designated for a Major later in 2021.

“Assuming it makes sense to proceed, the event will take place October 25-November 7 with a potential play-in event October 23-24.”

The last Major was StarLadder Berlin, which concluded with Astralis’ victory in September 2019. That means that it could be a full two years since the previous Major before we see another. With plans for it to take place in Europe, it means that all of the last four Majors will have been held in the continent.

In the email sent to tournament organizers and obtained by HLTV, Valve added that it “doesn’t have any new information about the Regional Major Ranking (RMR)” system, but welcomed feedback from the recipients.

At least in the meantime, while there are no Majors, CS:GO just launched it’s new Operation, Broken Fang, after much anticipation, adding a wealth of new content and features.