10 best CSGO stickers: Cheap, expensive and best-looking stickers for weapons

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To complete your inventory in Counter-Strike, customizing your weapons with stickers is a must. Stickers will make your weapons more personalized, and you can apply four in total to most guns. Here are the 10 best stickers to buy in CS:GO, from cheap to expensive.

Much like skins, gloves, knives, and agents, stickers are a key way of customizing your appearance in-game in Counter-Strike. In fact, more than anything else, stickers are the number one way to make your items truly unique. From military to anime stickers, CS:GO has it all.

Tens of thousands of players may have the same weapon skin, but only you alone might have a specific sticker craft on your AK-47, AWP or USP-S. We’ve picked out some of the very best stickers you can buy to complete your loadout. You can see the most expensive stickers in CS:GO here too.

CS:GO Stickers guide

10 Best CS:GO stickers

10. Magic Rush Ball (Lenticular) ($35)

Magic Rush Ball sticker

Starting with a new type of sticker, the Magic Rush Ball uses the Lenticular effect, which is incredibly cool. As the sticker moves with the weapon, the light hits it to change the appearance. In this case, the eye 8 ball will display which bombsite to rush.

9. Great Wave ($1)

Great Wave sticker

Who doesn’t want an iconic piece of art on their weapon? With the great wave, you can always appreciate the art of Hokusai in CS:GO. This sticker also comes in holo ($5) and foil ($10).

8. rox Holo ($155)

rox Holo sticker

Player signature stickers are always great for supporting your favorite player. But, some of them just look great too. This rox sticker is the most expensive holo from the PGL Antwerp Major, and for good reason. While it’s expensive, it looks amazing.

7. Liquid Fire holo ($18)

Another sticker from Operation Riptide, the Liquid Fire holo is one of those stickers that just looks good on pretty much any weapon.

6. Infinite Diamond holo ($11)

Infinite Diamond holo sticker

Not much needs to be said about this masterpiece. Thanks to its simple, symmetrical shape and optical illusion quality, this is another sticker that will always look good.

5. Blue Gem ($5)

Released in 2022, this is a pretty new sticker, that is already increasing in price on the Steam market. Easily the best example of the ‘Glitter’ sticker effect, you can’t go wrong with a blue gem.

4. Crown Foil ($1000)

Crown Foil sticker

Ok, we’re getting to the truly pricey stickers now. The Crown Foil is expensive for two reasons: one, it looks good, and two, it’s in very short supply. While this might not be the best sticker for applying to weapons these days, it has to be on any list of the best stickers in CS:GO.

3. Battle Scarred / Battle Scarred Holo ($4 / $12)

battle scarred holo sticker

Whether you go for the holo or paper version, the Battle Scarred stickers are incredible. With a transparent background, they really make your gun appear as though it’s been attacked by a wild beast, and they’re still pretty cheap too.

2. iBuyPower Holo ($50,000+)

ibuypower holo sticker

Sure, there is no way you’re ever going to buy this sticker. The Holo stickers from Katowice 2014 are all exorbitant in price. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not arguably the best-looking sticker in the whole game. Perhaps only the number one spot can argue that…

1. Titan Holo ($60,000+)

Titan Holo sticker in CS:GO

In truth, it’s hard to put a price on a Titan Holo sticker from Katowice 2014. Much like the IBP Holo above, these stickers are in such short supply, there are less than 40 known of, that are not applied to weapons already. It is believed that the last one sold in a private sale for around $60,000.

Why are CS:GO stickers so expensive?

When you start looking for stickers, you might be surprised at the money demanded for some. While there are many stickers available for under $1, there are also many which will cost $10, $20, $100, $500, or even thousands of dollars.

So, what causes stickers to become so expensive? Well, as we’ll explain more below, once applied, a sticker cannot be reused. That means that stickers will always go down in supply as they are applied to weapons.

Most stickers are originally found in sticker capsules, which, once opened, also go down in supply. Skin website CS.MONEY show that it usually takes around 3 years for new Major sticker capsules to start becoming ‘rare’:

“Users unlock the capsules, taking them off the market and reducing the supply, which is enough to affect the price and result in the yearly price increase ranging from 40% to 90%.”

Of course, the price of a sticker will also of course be impacted by how good it looks, but generally, it’s all about supply and demand. Here we’ll take a look at the best stickers you can buy, and some of them are not too pricey.

How do Stickers work in CS:GO?

How to get stickers

The majority of stickers in CS:GO are obtained by buying and opening a capsule. These capsules will include around 10-60 stickers, of which you will receive one. Alternatively, you can simply buy the sticker you want from the Steam market or third-party trading sites.

Some stickers can be bought directly from inside CS:GO itself, and some were only available during operations – these stickers can often have higher prices as there will never be more of them added to the game.

Major stickers

There are also tournament stickers, released for every CS:GO Major. These stickers feature the teams and player signatures, for every player who qualified for the tournament. For some older Majors, the stickers are very expensive, such as Katowice 2014, Cologne 2015, and Krakow 2017.

For example, a Krakow 2017 Legends Autograph capsule now costs around $70, despite only being less than a dollar when first released in 2017. This is because if you manage to get a ‘gold’ sticker from the capsule, they can be worth thousands.

Can you remove stickers in CS:GO?

Yes and No – once a sticker is applied to a weapon, it can be removed by ‘scraping it’. However, this will gradually damage the sticker until it is totally destroyed, so you won’t get the sticker back.

This is why some stickers are very expensive, because once they have been applied, they can’t be resold again, driving down the supply.

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