All CSGO Knives: Most expensive, cheapest, and best knives to buy

csgo knives

If you’re looking to really get into CS:GO and show off your own style, you might want to swap out the default knives for something more unique. Here are all the knives in CS:GO, from cheapest to the most expensive.

There’s a total of 19 knives you can use, and all of these knives have unique patterns and designs too, so the choices are endless.

Although some knives like the Butterfly Knife or Karambit are generally more expensive, some of the “cheaper” knives can be very pricey too if they have a certain pattern on them.

For example, there are some specific rare patterns called ‘Blue Gems’, which will always make any knife costs many thousands of dollars. The truly rarest knives can sell for over $10,000, with the most expensive valued at around $1.5 million.

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But, for us regular folk, these are prices of CS:GO knives you can find on the Steam Market or reputable skin websites. The prices will depend on the skin, wear, and pattern, and StatTrak versions of any knife are typically more expensive than the non-StatTrak versions.


How much are CS:GO knives?

These are price ranges for the standard versions of these knives. These price charts don’t include extremely rare versions such as Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Black Pearl, or Blue Gem (Case Hardened) knives.

These are the most expensive knives in CS:GO ordered by price as of January 2023:

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All CS:GO Knives and prices (January 2023)

KnifeRelease datePriceImage
Butterfly KnifeJuly 1, 2014$500-$5000Butterfly Knife in csgo
KarambitAugust 14, 2013$350-$4500karambit knife
M9 BayonetAugust 14, 2013$280-$4000m9 bayonet csgo
Talon KnifeAugust 3, 2018$230-$3000talon knife csgo
Skeleton KnifeNovember 19, 2019$230-$2500skeleton knife
BayonetAugust 14, 2013$190-$2000bayonet csgo
Flip KnifeAugust 14, 2013$120-$1200flip knife in csgo
Stiletto KnifeAugust 3, 2018$120-$1000stiletto knife in csgo
Classic KnifeOctober 18, 2019$110-$1000classic knife csgo
Ursus KnifeAugust 3, 2018$100-$1200ursus knife csgo
Nomad KnifeNovember 19, 2019$100-$800nomad knife in csgo
Huntsman KnifeMay 1, 2014$90-$1100huntsman knife csgo
Bowie KnifeFebruary 18, 2016$90-$1000bowie knife in csgo
Paracord KnifeNovember 19, 2019$90-$750paracord knife in csgo
Falchion KnifeMay 26, 2015$85-$750falchion knife in csgo
Survival KnifeNovember 19, 2019$85-$600survival knife csgo
Shadow DaggersSeptember 17, 2015$70-$800shadow daggers in csgo
Navaja KnifeAugust 3, 2018$65-$400Navaja Knife vanilla in csgo

Most Expensive CS:GO knife: Butterfly Knife

The Butterfly Knife is one of the early knives added back in 2014, and to this day, it is generally the most expensive knife on the market. The least expensive version is typically around $500, while the most expensive can reach over $15,000, typically for Emerald or Sapphire Butterfly knives.

Although the blade itself isn’t the biggest, especially compared to the Bayonet, Bowie, or Huntsman, the reason the Butterfly is so expensive is all because of the animations.

Both drawing the knife and inspecting it will see your in-game character perform some incredible feats of knife trickery, flawlessly showing off moves a professional would be proud of. Check out the animations in the video:

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However, the most expensive single knife in CS:GO is actually a Karambit, specifically the 387 pattern ‘Blue Gem‘ Karambit in Factory New condition. There is only one of these knives in existence, and its current owner turned down an offer of around $1.5 million for it.

Cheapest CS:GO knife

The cheapest knife in CS:GO is the Navaja knife. Added in 2018, it’s one of the newer knives, and suffers from a very small blade and limited animations.

Many players claim it looks more like a letter opener or butter knife, than something that could actually do much damage.

Cheapest CSGO knifeYouTube: BTD-TV
This Marble Fade Navaja is more expensive, at around $130.

Another cheap knife is the Shadow Daggers, costing around $70 for the cheapest set. This is in fact two knives, wielded in each hand, which you might think would make them more desirable. Unfortunately, like the Navaja, they’re not the most intimidating knives, and they also move the crosshair when equipped, something many players dislike.

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Best CS:GO knife to buy

So, if you’re keen on getting your very own CS:GO knife, where to start? There’s a number of things to consider, beyond just what one you think looks the best.

Price & Investment

Obviously, you can only buy what you can afford, but if you can’t afford the knife you want right now, you should consider waiting and saving up some money. CS:GO knives can be an investment if you keep them for a while before selling – most knives have increased in value since they released. However, if you buy a cheaper knife like the Navaja, it might not increase very much as they’re not that popular.

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Some knives have also been losing value. For example, you could buy a Classic Knife for under $200, but since release, the Classic Knife has been declining in price. A minimal wear Classic Knife ‘Night Stripe’ used to cost almost $200, but is only around $140 today.

Some knives that have gone up in price a lot include the Nomad Knife, the Talon Knife, M9 Bayonet, the Stiletto and the Ursus Knife.


Before buying your knife, you should check out the animations in-game. You will see these animations in every match, so it’s best to choose a knife that has animations you like.

There are lots of YouTube videos that will show you all the animations, or you can also check it out yourself in-game, by using a custom server and websites like BroSkins.

Wear, Pattern, Skin

Every knife has a variety of skins, from plain dark skins like Night Stripe to vibrant rainbow colors like the Marble Fade. Typically, more colorful skins will cost more, because they are more desirable. You can also get the plain version of each knife, called ‘Vanilla’ – but don’t be fooled, that doesn’t mean they will be cheaper.

Blue Gem knife in CSGOValve
Case Hardened knives with lots of blue are very rare and expensive, and are called “Blue Gems”.

It’s also important to pay attention to the wear level. A ‘Factory New’ knife will look almost flawless, while a ‘Battle Scarred’ Knife will look very damaged and worn – which obviously impacts the price.

Finally, if you want to get serious about your knife, pay attention to patterns. Every knife skin has 1000 patterns, and they can all look very different. For example, on ‘Fade’ knives, some patterns will have more of the knife painted, while some will have big gaps missing – no two knives are identical.

Where to buy CS:GO knives

If you’ve made your mind up, there are a few places to buy your knife.

The safest and easiest way is through the Steam Marketplace. Here, items under $2000 in value can be listed, and you can simply deposit money into your Steam balance to make the purchase.

However, there are some downsides to Steam, the main one being the prices. Because Valve takes a percentage of every sale, sellers will often list their items at a higher price. This is where third-party websites can have an advantage.

There are many reputable CS:GO skin websites out there, such as CS.MONEY, BitSkins or SkinPort. These sites will often have knives for sale cheaper than what you will find on the Steam market. And there is no price limit, so if you’re looking for a very expensive knife pattern like a Ruby or Emerald, you will have to use a third-party website, as the Steam Marketplace has a price cap.

That’s everything you need to know about knives in CS:GO. If you’re also looking to kit out your weapons with some skins, check out our list of the best CS:GO weapon skins here.