Counter-Strike 2’s most expensive skin sells for jaw-dropping $1 million

Jeremy Gan
CS2 skin sells for $1.5 million

Counter-Strike 2’s most expensive skin has been sold for a mouth-watering $1 million to an anonymous buyer. 

In January 2024, the first ever pattern 661 AK-47 Case Hardened in StatTrak Factory New was confirmed to exist. At the time, it was valued at around $1.5 million, but some claimed it could sell for up to $2 million, which would have made it the most expensive item in Counter-Strike. 

The reason why it’s so expensive is that the 661 Case Hardened pattern is the most sought-after, and it being in Factory New and StatTrak makes it even more of a rarity. 

Just to get the 661 pattern, you’ll need to get extremely lucky as there are 1000 different patterns for the Case Hardened. Then, you’ll need to find the right skins for a trade-up to make the skin a Factory New StatTrak, which is also becoming increasingly rare and expensive. 

Now almost half a year since the skin was revealed to the world, it has sold for an enormous sum. 

A sale was brokered by two of CS2’s biggest skin collectors, Sam “roflm0nster” Alexander and Oliver “zipel” Behrensdorff, with both announcing online that the skin had been sold. 

However, who exactly the buyer is and just how much they paid for the skin was not disclosed by either of them, roflm0nster admitting that “$1 million offers were rejected multiple times”.

Therefore, it’s safe to say the skin must have at least cost the buyer $1 million, which makes it the most expensive gun skin to ever be sold.

If the price is ever to be revealed to be above $1.5 million, it will make it the most expensive item in all of Counter-Strike. 

Currently, the most expensive item in Counter-Strike is the Case Hardened Karambit in Factory New with the 387 pattern. It is a blue gem and is commonly thought to be the most expensive knife in CS2. 

Back in 2016, its current owner bought it for just over $100,000, and in 2021 they were offered €1.2 million (around $1.5 million USD at the time), but rejected it, claiming the offer was “low”. 

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