Evil Geniuses Valorant roster reportedly stuck in “contract jail” despite pay cuts

Demon1 ValorantColin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Evil Geniuses Valorant team was reported to be taking pay cuts if they wanted to stick with the organization despite winning Valorant Champions as the best team in the World. Not only that, the team is also stuck in contract jail on top of these cuts according to another report from Richard Lewis.

In the days following Evil Geniuses Cinderella run to the Valorant Champions title, the joy from their win has been soured by reports of goings-on within the organization.

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From the disappointing merch drop to the players themselves saying they felt disrespected by the organization that represents them, Evil Geniuses aren’t exactly at the top of the world like their Valorant placement would have you believe.

A report from Richard Lewis indicates that, despite EG’s players reportedly taking a pay cut, they’re stuck in contract jail and are having a hard time making a deal with other organizations.

EG Valorant players reportedly locked in “contract jail”

Following their triumphant 2023 run from rags to riches, it’s no surprise that Evil Geniuses’ Valorant players are in high demand. Other organizations looking to up their game for 2024 are bound to be sending players of their caliber offers to join.

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However, it’s since been revealed in a report from Richard Lewis that EG’s players are apparently stuck in contract jail and are having a difficult time exploring other offers as a result.

This combined with their reported pay cut going into 2024 paints a grim picture and gives players like C0M a good reason to feel like they didn’t “get the respect we deserved” from Evil Geniuses.

Tensions are high according to Lewis’ report, going as far as saying that Demon1’s relationship with the organization may be “irreconcilable” due to complications with his contract buyout and offers that Evil Geniuses have outright denied. These buyouts are to the tune of $100,000 as detailed by Lewis’ source, and a similar offer extended to Ethan was also shot down by EG.

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Bear in mind that’s just the contract buyout; that doesn’t include the price of the contract the organizations would then have to offer these players.

With these players contracts lasting through to the end of 2024, it remains to be seen whether or not anyone’s willing to pay a steep buyout for world-class talent.

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