Valve slammed for “lazy” CS2 Major stickers for Copenhagen

Calum Patterson
cs2 major stickers for copenhagen with virtus pro

The Counter-Strike 2 community has voiced their disappointment with the first set of Major stickers in the game, for the Copenhagen Major, which, yet again, will be a borderless design.

For the Stockholm Major in 2021, Valve released the first set of borderless Major stickers since 2014, and it was an exciting switch up from the previous years of bordered stickers.

However, since then, four of the five majors have all had borderless stickers, meaning other than the event logo and some of the teams who qualified, the stickers are almost identical for each event.

On March 13, stickers for the PGL Copenhagen Major were revealed on social media, before an official announcement from Valve, and the disappointment is palpable.

More borderless stickers for first CS2 Major

A batch of the stickers was revealed by reliable data miner Gabe Follower, showing that the Copenhagen 2024 stickers will, once again, be entirely borderless.

Although there is little doubt that players liked this design – and spent a lot of money opening capsules for the Paris Major – another set of identical stickers is now becoming a bore.

“Disappointment is at an all-time high right now not gonna lie,” one player responded.

Another replied, “That’s a huge L don’t want more borderless stickers. Valve so lazy.”

“Another fat L from Valve,” a player added. “We getting the same stickers over and over again. Classic lazy Valve.”

Despite the lack of a border, the holo design for holo-style stickers has excited some players, as it appears much more vivid than previous iterations.

Valve is yet to announce the stickers officially or set them live in-game for purchase, but it’s expected to happen on Thursday, March 14, or March 15 at the latest, with the Major starting on March 17.

For sticker investors, a borderless design will almost certainly cause downward price pressure on older capsules and stickers from Stockholm, Antwerp, and Paris.

The PGL Copenhagen Major begins on March 17 with the opening stage, and runs until the Grand Final on March 31. Alongside the stickers, souvenir packages and the Pick’Em challenge are also expected to go live in-game before the first matches.