Counter-Strike 2 finally plans to add Zeus skins over a decade after its arrival

Jeremy Gan
Zeus weapon in Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike 2 is finally planning to add skins for the Zeus after a decade since its arrival in 2012 with CSGO, following a small teaser in the newest patch notes. 

With Counter-Strike 2’s summer release on the horizon, there have been many new additions to the newly ported game into Source 2. From the enhanced smoke physics, to an updated buy menu, there’s plenty to be excited about.

But for all the skin enthusiasts in the community, Valve has been rather silent on new additions other than some key lighting changes. But now, Valve has teased the community with a new gun skin on the way. 

In the June 16 patch notes for CS2, it was revealed that Valve is now adding the Zeus as part of the workshop submission weapon list. 

In the update, Valve added at the bottom of the miscellaneous patches that the Zeus x27, which is the full name of CS’s taser, is being added into the workshop submission weapon list. 

What this means is that Valve is now accepting weapon skins for the Zeus from community workshop artists to be put into the game. 

This is the first time the Zeus is getting a skin since its arrival with the release of CSGO in 2012. Despite a plethora of concept art from the community, Valve had never officially announced any skins for the Zeus. 

It may have to do with the fact the gun is a very niche buy. Under the equipment tab in the buy menu, the taser is a one-shot gun, but only in close range. And even then, most players would prefer to just use a rifle or pistol under those circumstances. 

However, with CS2 potentially bringing in new skins for the Zeus, we may see its usage go up. 

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