Counter-Strike 2 data mine reveals Valorant-style anti-cheat coming

Declan Mclaughlin
players attacking in counter-strike 2

A Counter-Strike 2 data miner has found what he says is a new anti-cheat for the game called VAC Live that could end live matches with cheaters, which is similar to Riot Games’ Valorant anti-cheat.

With Valve’s announcement of Counter-Strike 2, many new updates to the game’s engine and gameplay were revealed, but nothing was said about a new anti-cheat system. CS:GO currently uses VAC (Valve anti-cheat) and bans accounts across the world for hacking and using cheats in-game.

For Counter-Strike 2, that anti-cheat system is getting a facelift, according to data miner Aquarius.

The data miner said that he found something in Counter-Strike 2 called VAC Live that could cancel a live match if cheats are detected. A similar type of thing happens in Riot Game’s tactical shooter Valorant with its anti-cheat system Vanguard.

Anti-cheat coming to Counter-Strike 2

Valve implemented VAC in 2002 with the launch of Counter-Strike in 2002. The bans are permanent and non-negotiable, according to the Steam FAQ page.

While the punishment has always been severe, it has never been particularly swift. Some bans from the Valve system can take days or weeks to go through the system after it was originally detected.

Valve has made strides in its anti-cheat detection since its initial launch, and has even hinted at using machine learning to outwit those who profit off of making the hacks that win people games.

The new system seems to be reminiscent of Riot’s Vanguard system in Valorant. The anti-cheat is installed directly onto players’ computers and can detect cheats during matches. If a cheater is detected, the Vanguard system cancels the match and shows the infamous “red screen” telling players that a cheater has been detected.

Valve has not given any details on a new anti-cheat system or any other specific new features that could come in with Counter-Strike 2 outside of the few showcased on March 22.

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