Valorant cosplayer engineers the perfect outfit for quirky genius Killjoy

Valorant cosplay of KilljoyRiot Games / Instagram: calisto.c

They talk about German efficiency, but what about quality? Well, this Killjoy cosplay has both ⁠— getting the stylish looks of Valorant’s quirky engineer down pat in an amazing cosplay worthy of the Agent’s name.

Killjoy didn’t just arrive into Valorant quietly ⁠— she jumped right into the roster, with bright popping colors and an unforgettable accent. She’s eccentric, and you can tell that just by looking at her.

She’s been a fan favorite ⁠— especially in the cosplay department ⁠— since Day 1, equalled by only the likes of Viper. However, one cosplayer has emerged above the rest.

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Killjoy in ValorantRiot Games
It’s hard to miss Killjoy, and it’d be just as hard to miss Caly’s cosplay of the German Agent too.

Of course, who better to play the German engineer than a German cosplayer. ‘Calisto.c’ took on the Valorant Agent, and honestly, her outfit will be very hard to top.

Breaking down Killjoy, there’s only so much you can do with her. You’ve got to have the bright yellow bomber jacket ⁠— patches and all ⁠— the turquoise beanie, and the skin-tight black pants. However, it’s all the trimmings that makes a cosplay truly standout.

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Caly managed to hit all of those markers and more. The glasses look like a direct rip from Killjoy’s in game, and the wig is perfectly manicured. She’s got all the belts and straps the German engineer has too.

She even got decals for her laptop with the Kingdom logo to fit right in as the German engineer. It’s just like a slice of Future Earth, right here on regular Earth.


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They even did the photoshoot in Berlin, using the graffiti street art as part of the canvas. It really adds another level to the cosplay.

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Of course, Caly has got heads turning in the Valorant community. It’s one of the most popular in the game’s short history, and it’s easy to see why. It’s simple, yet hits all the marks perfectly, and that’s why fans are in love with it.

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