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Overwatch’s McCree, Reinhardt, and Bastion make the perfect cosplay team

Published: 2/Feb/2020 2:00

by Alan Bernal


The Overwatch community don’t take cosplaying lightly, making this triple-costume set up with McCree, Reinhardt and Bastion an impressive comp.

The designs that come out of the Blizzard fan base can go from simple takes on popular skins to intensely complicated creations that breathe life into the characters they’re based on.

Twitter user ‘NipahDUBS’ debuted his McCree suit at the Anime North Texas convention and met up with two designers from the cos-creating team Frostbite Cosplay.

McCree is a favorite among cosplayers to recreate.

What resulted was a hero lineup that looked like it was ripped straight from a post-match screen from the game, seeing as two of the cosplayers were donning a Dallas Fuel-inspired colorway to rep the local OWL brand.


As for NipahDUBS, he went with McCree’s original design, but it doesn’t look like he cut corners in creating the bounty hunter’s old Western-inspired suit.

While a general McCree outfit looks simple enough from the surface, there’s actually a lot of finer materials to consider when making the details of his entire kit.

NipahDUBS Twitter
All three Overwatch hero cosplays came together for an epic shot.

From the tubing that goes into the main chest plate to the Flashbangs he carries with him, making a good McCree cosplay takes a ton of skill.

It looks like the cosplayer went above and beyond for his craft, since he included a bullet-lined 10-gallon hat, along with the character’s bionic arm and futuristic Revolver.


Similar to NipahDUBS, the duo of Bastion and Reinhardt spared no expense to create the frontline of the cosplay.

NipahDUBS Twitter
NipahDUBS’s cosplay looks incredible and there’s barely any disparity between this and the character’s in-game model.

Flanking McCree are two larger-than-life costumes, one with a menacing submachine gun attached to its arm and the other brandishing a lion-faced wrist guard from which Rein activates his Barrier Field.

The veterans at Frostbite Cosplay had their work cut out for them, since both heroes have imposing features that must have been difficult to pull off on a suit that someone actually wears.

Reinhardt comes packaged with his head-to-toe Crusader armor and crowned helmet, while Bastion has a mechanized body and mounted Gatling gun.


But across the board, this is an exceptional trio of cosplays showcasing a plethora of skill and love for the game to depict the Overwatch heroes they took inspiration from.