Crazy Lucio rollout gives Overwatch players full Route 66 tour

by Bill Cooney


A new Lucio rollout gives Overwatch players a nice tour around Route 66 while somehow not touching the ground throughout the whole ride.

Lucio rollouts are nothing new, players have been using them to leave slower heroes in the dust for years now, but once in a while a really good one will come along that just compels you to stop and watch.

There are the more practical rollouts that involve getting to the point or a choke as quickly as possible, but the one posted by Reddit Lucio Puffis_Senpai definitely falls more into the 'scenic' category.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Wall Ride can take Lucio to places other heroes will probably never see.


In the clip, Puffis starts out in the Diner before hopping to the crashed train cars to their left, which takes them up towards the rocks and terminal velocity with Lucio.

After zooming over Big Earl's, the support hero hits the high passage to the right of the first checkpoint and turns to fly past the motel sign and into the doorway to the third stage in a flash.


After more calculated hopping and creative use of the floating platforms above the map, Lucio heads back out through the map towards the Diner.

After all is said and done, they fly back over Big Earls before landing safely in the Diner, all without having touched the ground (as far as we can tell at least).

During the return trip, the amount of speed that Puffis has managed to build up is really apparent and brings to mind one of our favorite Lucio videos of all time from Overwatch meme master ThatPunchKid on YouTube.



This rollout might not be that useful during a game, but it wouldn't be too bad to try while you're waiting for a match in Skirmish mode if that's what you choose to do.

Finally, like any good Lucio rollout, Puffis didn't Amp it Up once during the run, which is essential to remember, otherwise you won't be able to heal or boost your team when you reach them.