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Overwatch Hanzo cosplay unleashes the dragon with feminine twist

Published: 22/Mar/2020 20:26

by David Purcell


One of the most impressive Hanzo cosplays has been revealed by a member of the Overwatch community, blurring the lines between genders with an unbelievable outfit. 

When it released back in 2016, Blizzard Entertainment might never have expected the type of fanfare each of its heroes would receive in its popular multiplayer game, with players far and wide creating constant material such as fan art, as well as some seriously impressive cosplays for their favorite figures from the Overwatch world.

Now, a new take on the title’s mercenary archer – Hanzo – has been revealed by cosplayer teemofeeder on Instagram, which has since been upvoted countless times on Reddit as well, with fans tipping their hats to her impressive work.


Blizzard Entertainment
Just like many other Overwatch heroes, Hanzo has developed something of a cult following.

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Countless Overwatch cosplays have gone viral in the past, including one based on Ultraviolet Tracer, and there’s also been genderbent Hanzo costumes emerge in the past also. However, this one might be the best yet.

Bringing together a multitude of different elements for a fresh take on the costume, teemofeeder recreated the bow perfectly, not to mention the gold touches to the design that must have been pretty hard to put together, and of course the bottle of Sake as well – hanging from the belt.

On Instagram, she revealed that the cosplay was created for Katsucon, an annual three-day anime convention based in the National Harbor, Maryland, which took place back in February.


Hanzo – Overwatch [self] from cosplay

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Clearly, a lot of time was spent creating this cosplay, leaving many users on both Reddit and Instagram really impressed. One user replied to the posy: “Never seen a female cosplay of Hanzo before, great job!!”

Hanzo is a damage hero in Overwatch, which many regular players will know already, and there’s also been another damage hero added to the game recently – Echo. Whether or not we’ll get a flood of Echo cosplays coming to light next remains to be seen, but after seeing how this post has taken off, it would be no surprise to see teemofeeder try her luck sometime soon.