Overwatch cosplayer goes viral with epic Ultraviolet Tracer outfit

by Eli Becht


This Overwatch cosplay of Tracer's Ultraviolet skin might be the best one we've seen to date – it's so accurate.

The cast of Blizzard's smash-hit FPS is very diverse and is constantly expanding, which means it opens itself up quite nicely to a whole selection of cosplay opportunities.

With that said, cosplayers still tend to gravitate towards Tracer and D.Va the most, but there's nothing wrong with that.

Tracer remains one of Overwatch's most popular heroes.


Blizzard have supplied a wide variety of skins for each of the original heroes, so there are many different ways cosplayers can take the same character.

Cosplayer gondoka50 took Tracer's Ultraviolet outift and absolutely crushed it. For those who don't know, this outfit takes the traditional skin and pretty much changes everything about it. One of the few things that would still be recognizable to players are the guns and goggles she wears on her head.

However, if you are someone who appreciates this version of Tracer, then you'll definitely find a lot to like here.


It's no secret that a good cosplay doesn't happen overnight, and they will actually take plenty of time, some even taking months to perfect.

In a Reddit thread where gondoka posted her design, she said she's been working on it for about a year now.


"I have been working on this cosplay off and on for about a year now, so it’s great to finally have it finished," she wrote. "I am very happy with how it turned out."

While this Ultraviolet Tracer is her latest design, she's been cosplaying for quite a while now. Some of her previous designs include Sora from Kingdom Hearts and even a few characters from Destiny 2.


With her Tracer cosplay now complete, she'll now have her eyes set on something else in the future.

If whatever's next ends up being as good as her Ultraviolet design, then we'll definitely be interested in checking it out, especially if it's another Overwatch hero.