My Hero Academia fan’s Mt. Lady cosplay is hugely impressive

Matt Porter
Instagram: latharna_ / Bone Inc

A My Hero Academia cosplayer has shown off their take on one of the anime’s most impressive heroes, uploading awesome pictures of their Mt. Lady cosplay that looks like it was lifted from a scene in the anime.

My Hero Academia follows the story of Izuku Midorya, a young boy born without superpowers who is gifted the quirk known as One For All by his hero and mentor All Might, joining him on his journey to master his newly-gained abilities as he studies to become a professional hero at one of Japan’s most recognizable schools, U.A. High.

Along the way, Midorya and his classmates meet some of the pro heroes that they’ll be working with when they graduate. One of these is Mt Lady, who regularly appears at U.A. activities like the Sports Festival, and played a pivotal role in protecting civilians and students during All For One’s attack in the anime’s season 3.

Mt Lady appearing in My Hero Academia.Bone Inc
Mt Lady can grow to over 60 feet, making her an unmissable character – literally!

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Mt. Lady, whose real name is Yu Takeyama, is one of the most recognizable heroes on the roster, but not just because of her unique look. Unlike other heroes who don’t physically transform when they use their quirk, the “Mineyama Hero” sees massive changes when she activates her power literally — as she grows to massive heights.

Aptly named Gigantification, the character who stands at 5′ 4″ in her normal form grows exponentially, reaching a mind-boggling 67 feet in height whenever she pleases.

Unsurprisingly, the character immediately became popular with fans of the show. Cosplayer ‘lathrna_’ became the latest to show off their appreciation for the character with a near-perfect take on Mt Lady, complete with her instantly recognizable bodysuit, including the classic purple and orange accents that help her stand out from the crowd even when she’s in her normal-sized body.

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Of course, no Mt. Lady cosplay is complete without her mask, and Latharna is rocking the same purple mask the character wears at all times, even featuring the massive horns that have become synonymous with the character throughout her run on the show.

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Mt. Lady has been a feature on the anime since the very first episode and continues to play an important role in the show’s arc as we head towards the conclusion of Season 4, which is currently airing.

For the first time ever, fans of the show who watched the dubbed version of My Hero Academia can watch at the same time as their Japanese counterparts, meaning that everybody finds out what the next chapter of Izuku’s story brings no matter what language they choose to consume the anime in.