My Hero Academia cosplayer is ready to school villains as Midnight

by Michael Gwilliam


Cosplayer 'Bloodraven' has been making quite a name for herself across social media, and her take on My Hero Academia’s U.A. High School teacher 'Midnight' shows exactly why.

The model’s outfit is a great recreation of Midnight’s thin white fabric suit that the character wears in the show. The cosplay manages to maintain its many intricacies and even looks like an exact replica, seemingly ripped right from the pages of a colorized manga.

For instance, Bloodraven’s outfit includes the two handcuffs on each wrist, the red utility belt, and blood-colored collar.


Additionally, the cosplay includes Midnight’s red mask, red finger nails and dominatrix-style flogger that complete the “bad teacher” ensemble presented in both the anime and manga.

According to the model, she got the mask, gems and pyramid studs from fellow prop-maker 'Atlis,' while her wig was sourced from the ever-popular supplier Arda Wigs.

In one of Bloodraven’s most impressive Midnight photos, she poses alongside fellow cosplayer 'kyrramarie,' who is dressed as series favorite (and Midnight's friendly rival) 'Mt. Lady.'


“I’m so happy we had the chance to cosplay together at Fanime,” she wrote of their shoot in an Instagram post.

Seeing the two heroes side-by-side sure is something, especially considering the duo’s humorous relationship in the series.

In addition to Midnight, Bloodraven has pulled off many different cosplays from My Hero Academia, including the unhinged villain Himiko Toga, Camie Utsushimi, and even a female take on half-and-half hero Todoroki.


Aside from MHA, Bloodraven has also dressed up as the fan-made Bowsette, Kakegurui's Yumeko, Overwatch’s Reaper, Tifa from Final Fantasy 7, and many more.

Despite the fact that Midnight’s quirk, Somnambulist, puts enemies to sleep, we can’t help but feel wide awake after seeing what Bloodraven can come up with when she puts her mind to it.

Considering her talents, its no stretch of the imagination to assume that her next creation might be even more unique than the costumes she’s already mastered.