My Hero Academia cosplayer transforms into sinister Himiko Toga

Instagram: CoinOp Cosplay / Bones Inc

While My Hero Academia is full of likable heroes, one villain has continuously captured the imagination of viewers with Himiko Toga becoming a fan favorite, as shown in this incredible cosplay of the anime’s character.

My Hero Academia follows the story of Izuku Midoriya, a young boy born without a superpower in a world full of superheroes and villains. After inheriting the legendary quirk known as One For All from his hero All-Might, he started to attend U.A. High School to hone his powers as he trains to become a professional hero, determined to use his newly-gained powers to become the new symbol of peace.

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Of course, not everyone wants to use their powers for good of humanity, much like Himiko Toga who was first introduced during the anime’s second season, who loves to cause trouble whenever and wherever she can, while also harboring a strong crush on Midoriya, someone she should be determined to take down permanently.

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Himiko Toga may look cute – but don’t let her appearance fool you.

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Cosplayer shows off perfect Himiko Toga

Heavily linked to the League of Villians, Toga‘s first appearance in My Hero Academia came as part of a plot to attack All Might and the students of Class 1-A before they got a chance to become too powerful and work together to take their shady organization down permanently.

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The sinister schoolgirl comes with a terrifying quirk of her own too, one unlike anything else we’ve seen in the world so far. Her power allows her to shapeshift into a perfect replica of anyone she pleases, but there’s a dark catch to this power. To do so, she needs to drink the blood of her desired target, with the more she consumes allowing her to hold the form for longer before her powers eventually wane and she returns back to her normal self.

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Cosplayer CoinOp’s take on the character is incredible, wearing a costume designed and created by Opie. The sinister look sees CoinOp brandishing a knife in front of her massive headgear, a mouth that covers her neck and chin complete with bottles to collect and store the blood of her enemies. The costume is perfect, dressed in the same beige cardigan that the character is often seen sporting, and finishing the look off with the red handkerchief that always hangs around her neck.

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Even though she’s a villain, plenty of cosplayers choose to dress up as the creepy yet weirdly likable character, who spends most of her time trying to antagonize and destroy the class of U.A. High School.

Himiko Toga is still a major part of the show, and can be seen through Season 4, which is currently being dualcast in both Japanse and English.

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