Steins Gate cosplayer shares insanely accurate Kurisu Makise re-creation

Brent Koepp
Funimation / Instagram: @faid_eyren_cosplay

A skilled cosplayer became Steins;Gate’s Kurisu Makise with an incredibly detailed costume.The artist’s mind blowing re-creation of the scientist in Tokyo will have fans saying El Psy Kongroo!

Steins;Gate is often considered one of the best visual novel games of all time. However it found massive success with its anime adaptation in 2011. The series’ riveting sci-fi story about world-lines and time travel has made it a modern classic.

A talented artist has transformed herself into the show’s brilliant scientist Kurisu Makise. Fans of the series will have their minds blown as the cosplayer’s photos taken in Tokyo, Japan look as if the story has actually come to life.

White Fox / Funimation
The 2011 anime has gripped viewers with its incredible sci-fi narrative.

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Steins;Gate’s Kurisu brought to life

The story revolves around mad scientist Rintaro Okabe who accidentally stumbles upon a form of time travel using his microwave and cell phone. However, the discovery breaks wide open after Kurisu joins his makeshift lab.

Cosplayer ‘Faid Eyren’ shared her costume of Makise on social media, and looks just like the character. Not only is her costume perfectly accurate, she actually took the photos in Akihabara, Japan which is where the anime takes place.

In what could easily pass for a scene from an official live action film, the artist poses as the character holding her folders of data, with the city skyline in the backdrop. Her cosplay is one of the most faithful depictions of the heroine that we’ve ever seen.

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Faid uploaded more pictures of her dressed up as the S;G scientist, and showed off how faithful her outfit is. In the story, Kurisu has a quirky style, which she nails by recreating her brown jacket that hangs down from her arms.

In another shot that depicts a scene from the show, she stands over a bridge holding her work. The cosplay artist captures even the little details, such as her red tie which is loose under the collar of her white shirt.

Much of the series takes place in Akihabara which is a central district in Tokyo. It’s famous for its electronic shops and anime. The talented artist took stunning photos with the real location in the background, and it really ties her whole cosplay together.

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While Steins;Gate aired its last episode close to eight years ago, the series’ legacy has continued to grow. Due to its popularity, it even got a spin-off sequel in 2018 called ‘Zero’ which tells the other side of the plot.

Those that want to dive into the mind-bending sci-fi story can stream every episode on Crunchyroll or Funimation. The visual novels are also available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.