Genshin Impact cosplayer protects Mondstadt as Anemo bard Venti

genshin impact venti cosplaymiHoYo / Instagram: @yukkikuma_cos

A skilled cosplayer has brought Genshin Impact’s resident bard, Venti, to life with an amazing costume. The cosplay is so realistic, it’s as though the Anemo character has warped out of the game and into real life.

In Genshin Impact, Venti is one of the first main characters you meet as you try and bring an end to Dvalin’s reign of terror. And if you’re lucky enough to have won him through the Wish system, he is also one of the best party members in the game.

Cosplayer ‘yukkikuma_cos‘ breathed life into the bard with their amazing costume. Their take is insanely realistic, showing fans what Venti would look like if he was to come to the real world.

Venti abilitymiHoYo
Venti uses a bow and arrow to attack.

Amazing Genshin Impact Venti cosplay

Yukkikuma absolutely nailed their cosplay from head to toe, and is the spitting image of our favorite bard. Sat under Venti’s classic green cap, their pigtail-styled wig is colored to perfection, getting the black into blue fade down with perfect accuracy.

Then, there’s the outfit. In the game, the Anemo hero wears an outfit of old – consisting of a white shirt with a bow attached to the front, a brown buttoned corset of sorts, and green shorts.

The cosplayer tied the look together with the character’s classic white tights and brown shoes.


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In another shot posted to their Instagram, yukkikuma gave a closer look at their wig and cap. They also used green contact lenses for Venti’s eyes.


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You can check out more of yukkikuma’s amazing work over on their Instagram where they’ve cosplayed other characters like Barbara and Klee.